What is GENZEY

We are a full service digital marketing and tech development firm specialized in helping companies in the developmental stages, one and two reach new levels and achieve great success. The market is evolving and the competition is increasing every day. Our team has thrown themselves into the field and know what it means to succeed and help your vision reach new heights. GENZEY keep's the modern day costumer in mind. We use innovative techniques and digital media to form and nurture your brand and voice to life.  

The online market is getting stuffed with everything from click bait to expensive pay per click advertising and most of it is just simply fluff. We have experts who understand what it means to be the customer instead of the salesman. We approach every project with longevity and productivity in mind. Our five pillars help develop any fail fast business into a prominent voice. 


  1. Mobile and Site Developing - We build or rebuild/improve your website or mobile app. Our developers have an extensive background in making things come to life with background in military grade programing, video game design and animated websites we can take on any project big or small effortlessly.

  2. Image, Representation, Public Relations, and News/Media - We repair, create and develop your online and on air image. We are connected to local and international media outlets and know what it takes to put the spotlight on you and your brand. 
  3.  Online and SEO Visibility - most businesses only exist because they have a product that is easily spread by the word by mouth methods. We focus on getting you in front of your costumers using digital media. 
  4. Digital Media Optimization - We focus on the mainstream online media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in some cases Snapchat and Youtube. We piggy back off of social media and build strong followings that can be turned into sales and traffic.
  5. Branding and printing and video/photography - Our graphics design and video team gets to the top by getting you there first. We use modern styles and contemporary emotions to form and create your online and offline designing. 

Our Name?

GENZEY was founded to keep the young vibe alive and bring it into the businesses who are catering to the younger generations. Our name is driven from Generation Z. By 2020, 40% of the purchasing market will be Generation Z and they have grown wary of the old click bait and fancy pop up advertising. GEN Z was the first generation to grow up with social media and advanced tech. Gen Z is known for its advanced thinking and innovative mindset and we built our brand around that. Our team is packed with young entrepreneurs, innovators and chain-breakers who go out of the way to help other companies reach new levels of success and stability.